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Wat - Matt Furie's pet rat

is on a mission to take over the meme universe. The time has come for Wat to show his greatness.


Rats have always played a part in Matt Furie’s life, the legendary creator of Pepe the Frog part of the Boys Club art also featuring Brett, Andy and Landwolf. Matt Furie owns two Rats one of them being Wat, Rats have been featured in and inspired a lot of Matt Furie’s work in The Night Riders.

WAT coin launched on the Ethereum network and is set to become the next big phenomenon in the crypto world, bringing Furie's legacy into the digital age with the same vibrant spirit.

In his glorious book debut Night Riders, a nocturnal frog and rat strike out on an epic dirt bike adventure towards the sunrise.

According to Matt Furie Rats are really smart—they remind him of small dogs. They know their names, respond to calls, have individual personalities, and are really sweet he would recommend having a pet rat to anyone interested.

To honor Matt Furies love for Rats, Wat his pet is now reborn on the blockchain alongside other Furie creations taking inspiration from his early Rat illustrations in Night Riders which Furie quoted were inspired by Wat in a interview in Comicsbeat.

Wat, Matt Furie's rat

Matt Furie's pet rat

Hoppy and Wat having dinner


Token Supply: 420,690,000,000

No Taxes Forever, No None Sense,

LP Tokens Burned & Contract Ownership Renounced


Hoppy and Wat Exploring

Phase 1: fun begins, memes spread, community builds

Phase 2: 100,000 holders

Phase 3: takeover the meme universe

Hoppy and Wat Exploring

how to buy

Install Metamask Extension and Create an Account at metamask.io. Make sure your account has some ETH; you can buy ETH directly on MetaMask.

Go to Uniswap and Connect MetaMask to Uniswap: Click Connect, select Token, then paste the contract: 0x636bd98fc13908e475f56d8a38a6e03616ec5563

Connect your MetaMask to Uniswap and proceed to swap Ethereum for WAT tokens.

Use the right amount of slippage (0.5%-1%), if transaction doesn’t work increase gas on MetaMask.

To see your $WAT in your Metamask go into tokens, at the end click on import tokens, then click on Custom Token and paste the contract: 0x636bd98fc13908e475f56d8a38a6e03616ec5563and import.

Wat swims while the other characters watch him
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$WAT coin has no association with Matt Furie or his creation “The Night Riders”. This token is simply paying homage to a beloved meme we all love and recognize.


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